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    Snoopy's Junction
    Manufactor: Crown Metal
    Make: 24" Gauge
    Model: 4-4-0
    Opened: March 31, 1973
    Ride Time: 2:30 Minutes
    Capacity: 1-48 per cycle
    Location: Planet Snoopy
    Restraints: None
    Name Changes: 5
    Height Restriction:
    More Photos
    This ride was originally located in the Country Crossroad(Carolina RFD) section, in 1975 it was moved to the current location. Originally the train had very model-like appearence but has since changed to a cartoony look. Originally Shortline Railroad, in 1987 I became Flintstone Express, in 1995 the name was changed to Yogi's Jellystone Garden.
    Later themed to Dora The Explorer in 2005, Dora The Explorer's™ Azul™ Adventure was renamed in 2010 and the locomotive's appearence was changed to reflect the retheme. In 2009, the ride's track was shorten for the second time for the Intimidator roller coaster and in 2014 shorten to just an oval for the construction of Harmony Hall Marketplace.