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    Thunder Road closed forever at 10PM on the night of July 26th, 2015 after 39 years of operation.
    Thunder Road
    Manufactor: PTC
    Make: Wooden
    Model: Out & Back
    Open: 4/3/1976-7/26/2015
    Ride Time: 2:15 minutes
    Capacity: 24 per cycle
    Height: 93 Feet
    Speed: 58 Miles Per Hour
    Length: 3,819 Feet
    Height Restriction:
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    Thunder Road orginally opened with a red, white, and blue paint job however, the paint was removed in 1992. Thunder Road is two separate tracks that race side by side, the ride originally had a moonshine theme, and custom trains. With one train being the "Sheriff" and the other train being "Outlaw". The trains were later replaced by Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters(PTC) trains, and today each track has two PTC trains.
    From 1995 until 2007 the side with the blue trains ran the trains facing backwards, and the side with gray trains ran with the trains facing forwards. During 2007, Thunder Road's main turnarounds were completely removed, and replaced. The backwards side was closed for the last months of the season while the forewards side was closed over the summer.