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  • Carowinds Rides
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    Carowinds has many amusement park rides, and waterpark attractions.
    Thrill Rides:
    New for 2017 and sort of returning from the past, Zephyr isn't the original Carowinds Wave Swinger but this type of ride was requested by fans.
    New for 2017, this may be the park's most thrilling ride! Originally a portable ride from Europe, Carowinds built a permament foundation for this ride.
    Drop Tower
    Ever heard the theory what goes up, must come down? Drop Tower proves that the theory true with a freefall from the top of the 160 feet tall tower.
    PEANUTS Pirates
    Originally built for Canada's Wonderland, they replaced me in 2004 with Tomb Raider:The Ride. It sat in storage for a year and was relocated to Carowinds for the 2005 season.
    Scream Weaver
    The Meteorite was added to the County Fair area in 1979, and relocated in 1993 to make room for Days Of Thunder(now Action F/X theater). In 1994 it was renamed Scream Weaver to fit the Wayne’s World theme.
    Southern Star
    The Frenzoid was removed after the 2005 season for the 2006 Boomerang Bay expansion, it remained in storage behind Drop Zone for the 2006 season.