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    Nickelodeon™ Flying Super Saturator
    Manufactor: Setpoint
    Make: Steel
    Model: SwingThing
    Opened: 4/2000-8/2008
    Ride Time: 1:00 minutes
    Capacity: 4 per cycle
    Height: 42 Feet
    Speed: 30 Miles Per Hour
    Length: 1,087 Feet
    Height Restriction:
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    Saturator wass the world's first interactive waterplay coaster, This means that the ride interacts with the guest and area around and the ride. Saturator replaced the Blackbeard's Revenge ride that opened in 1985, The total cost of the ride was $4,000,000. If you got close to this ride watch out above your head as a water bomb may be dropped on you from a rider. To get them back, man one of the many different guns around the ride.