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  • Carowinds Rides
    -Roller Coasters- -Thrill Rides- -Family Rides- -Kiddy Rides- -Waterpark Rides- -Defunct Rides-
    Carowinds has many amusement park rides, and waterpark attractions.
    Carowinds Rides:
    Roller Coasters
    Carowinds features 13 world class roller coasters that will leave you screaming for more! A ride on Afterburn, a flight on Nighthawk, or a race down Thunder Road.
    Thrill Rides
    Do you wanna be turned upside down, or dropped from a 100 plus feet? If so, then Carowinds has a thrill ride for you. It could be Drop Tower, Southern Star, or maybe even PEANUTS Pirates.
    Family Rides
    Looks like you and the family are headed to Carowinds, huh? Not sure which rides are good for everyone. You could always fly on Balloon Race, have fun with Snoopy and the Peanuts, or relax on a Carousel.
    Kiddy Rides
    I am guessing that you have little kids, and are looking for kiddy rides. Carowinds has 4, but adults can ride along on the Cruisers.
    Waterpark Rides
    Carowinds opened the wavepool in the early 1980s and then in 1989 started the waterpark. The waterpark saw major expansions in 1997,2006, 2014 and 2016.
    Defunct Rides
    Sadly, the list of rides have been removed from the park, so they can no longer be enjoyed. However, Carowinds Zone will never forget these rides even if no one else remembers.