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  • Carowinds Rides
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    Carowinds has many amusement park rides, and waterpark attractions.
    Kiddy Rides:
    Snoopy's Junction
    This train ride is original to the park and the track route has been changed four times. It has also had it's locomotive's appearence changed a couple times.
    Snoopy's Yacht Club
    The Cruisers were formerally themed to Flintstones at Canada's Wonderland but were placed in storage in favor of new rides for their Nick Centtral and were sent to Carowinds for the 2005 season. The ride is the only kiddy ride that allows adults to ride with their kids.
    Woodstock's Whirlybirds
    This ride was originally known as Chopper Chase but some theming was added and the name was changed to LazyTown Sporticopters.
    Charlie Brown's Windup
    Originally known as Elroy's Skychase, the ride was rethemed to Top Cat's Swing Time in 1995. The swings are a Mini-Flying Carousel, not a mini-wave swinger like most people think.
    Snoopy's Space Race
    Originally known as the Space Kidettes, the ride was located where the Antique Carousel now resides today(Jets were moved to current location after the 1978 season.), after being moved they became known as F80s.
    Snoopy vs. Red Baron
    This ride is the only kiddy ride that has always been at Carowinds, in the same spot, and keep it's theme when the Hanna-Barbera characters moved from ride to ride.