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  • The history of Carowinds
    This section of Carowinds Zone is in memory of E. Pat Hall, Carowinds founder.
    March 28, 1921 to November 9, 1978.
    Carowinds Corp
    From idea to concept and on towards the grand opening of Carowinds; followed by the failure of Carowinds Corp. Who today would guess that the largest amusement park in the Carolinas was also a huge failure?
    Taft Broadcasting
    Starting with the introduction of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons, Carowinds limped along until Thunder and Lightning allowed the park to rise from the ashes and start to become the success Carowinds is today.
    Kings Entertainment Company
    Blue ice cream, blue creatures and a lack spinning rides. Carowinds' parent company morphs and the park sees a lot of flat rides removed, Lightning strikes for the last time and the start of a long downfall begins.
    Paramount Parks
    Bringing the movies into Carowinds, Paramount gives Carowinds a bright future while starting to destory the very foundation of the Carowinds. Carowinds gains a new foundation to replace the old one.
    Cedar Fair L.P.
    New management takes over, the park's name is restored. Carowinds will never be the same as major changes come, lots of history lost and the park becomes just another under maintained amusement park.
    Lost parks near Carowinds or have connections to Carowinds:
    Myrtle Beach Pavilion(Myrtle Beach, SC: 1948-2006)
    South Carolina Amusement Park(58 Seasons)
    Six Flags AstroWorld(Houston, Texas: 1968-2005)
    Influenced the design of Carowinds.
    Wonderland Sydney(Eastern Creek, Australia: 1985-2004)
    KECO park, wasn't sold to Paramount Parks.
    Hanna-Barbera Land(Houston, Texas: 1984-1986)
    KECO park, later converted to SplashTown. Now owned by Six Flags.
    Geauga Lake(Aurora, Ohio: 1888-2007)
    Stepsister park to Carowinds(Under Cedar Fair ONLY(2004-2007).