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  • Carowinds Rides
    -Roller Coasters- -Thrill Rides- -Family Rides- -Kiddy Rides- -Waterpark Rides- -Defunct Rides-
    Carowinds has many amusement park rides, and waterpark attractions.
    Family Rides:
    Rock'n Roller
    New for 2017! A classic Musik Express ride with a 1950s Rock'n Roll theme, originally a transportable ride from Europe.
    New for 2017, a three arm spinning ride that swings while the arms lift up.
    Plants Vs. Zombies 3Z Arena
    New for 2016 is the return of the Action Theater kinda of..... Using the same building but an entirely new ride! Grab a saddle and go head to head with the other team, very similar to the Plants Vs Zombies video games.
    Originally and currently known just as the Scrambler, it was known as the Kaleidoscope before reverting back. The Scrambler is one of the five original rides at Carowinds, and the name was changed in the 70s.
    Flying Ace Balloon Race
    Hop in the hot air balloon with the Flying Ace, and spin around the world. Kids of all ages can ride with an adult.
    Carolina Skytower
    The Skytower is one of the park's five original rides, it remains the tallest structure in the park, and a park icon.
    Dodgems were new to the park for 1978 as part of the original County Fair expansion. Originally they were known as the Demolition Derby.
    Character Carousel
    This Carousel was built in 1923, and operated in two parks in Evansville, Indiana until 1973. The second park to operate the ride was Pleasure Park.
    Woodstock Gliders
    The Phantom Flyers opened at Carowinds in 2005, However, it was relocated from Kings Island where it was one of the park's original rides.
    Boo Blasters on Boo Hill
    The ride is located in the building that was once used for live shows, and known as Harmony Hall. Riders board 4 person cars and use their "Fright Lights" to fire at infrared targets as the cars travel through the mansion.
    New for 2012, this 301 feet tower is the relaxing skytower that spins at 30 MPH and swings out to 45 degrees. With a good wind however this ride may get thrilling. I say family ride, you may say thrill ride.
    Yo Yo
    NEW FOR 2008! The ride is located where the Wave Swinger used to swing and is basically the same minus the decorations that a Wave Swinger has.
    Rip Roarin' Rapids
    The park's only water ride for the 2017 season, once one of four water rides. The rapids ride at Carowinds is one of the oldest rapids rides in the world.