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  • Carowinds Rides
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    Carowinds has many rides at the park today, but there has also been alot of rides removed from the park to make way for some of the current rides.
    Removed Rides:
    A farm tractor pulled a wagon, located near the Petting Zoo(Barn)
    A mule powered suspended carousel.
    Spinning Barrel and House(1973-1974)
    A funhouse style attraction located on a small island where Planet Snoopy is today.
    Nag's Head Carousel(1973-1974)
    A carousel with two levels. This was the first ride to be removed, and horses given to retired Carowinds employees.
    Indian War Canones(1973-1975)
    A ride like paddlewheel boats but used canoes. This ride was located next to the Goldrusher, near where Wings is now.
    Carowinds & Carolina Railroad(1973-1976)
    A railroad that had three stations and encircled Carowinds, A crossing gate was added in 1976. Removed before the 77 season.
    The Surfer(1973-1976)
    This ride is hard to explain but it is like a tilting spinning disc(Togada), similar to the Chance Rides Wipeout!
    Carowinds Skyway(1973-1983)
    A classic cable skyway that went from Frontier Outpost to Queen's Colony. Both stations for this ride are still intact.
    Flying Dutchman(1973-1984)
    A flying boat ride like a Flying Scooter but the ride was taller and the "boats" couldn't be controlled.
    Hillbilly Jalopies(1973-1987)
    A classic car ride from Arrow with Jalopies, station still intact.(also known as Blue Ridge Detour).
    Black Widow(1973-1987)
    A classic Monster(Polyp) ride that looked like an Octopus(also known as Witchdoctor).
    Whirling Well(1973-1988)
    A classic Rotor ride where you stood in a barrel and the floor drops out(also known as Oaken Bucket).
    A classic car ride that looked like from Arrow like Road Rally.(also known as Carolina Turnpike).
    A Disney style monrail that went around the Sternwheeler river and out to I-77.
    Carolina Sternwheeler(1973-2003)
    A gentle paddlewheel boat ride around the island in the center of park. The boat was similar to Disneyland's Mark Twain.
    Powder Keg Flume(1973-2008)
    The park's first water ride, an Arrow Log Flume. Also known as Wild Thornberry's™ River Adventure.
    A highspeed Tilt-A-Whirl ride. This ride only lasted two seasons before Wagon Wheel took it's spot.
    Horse Around(1975-1978)
    A temporary carousel that was removed when the Antique Carousel opened.
    Wagon Wheel(1975-1980)
    A older model of the classic Chance Wipeout!. This ride was relocated two years later to Waltzer's spot.
    Whacky Wheels(1975-1979)
    A Hampton Umbellera ride, replaced by Kiddy Enterprise.
    Wheely and Chopper Bunch(1975-1986)
    A umbellera motorcycle ride from Hampton, replaced by Swing Time.
    Thunder Road(April 3rd, 1976-July 26th, 2015)
    A classic racing coaster with two separate tracks, removed for a waterpark expansion.
    White Lightnin'(1977-1988)
    The world's first launched shuttle roller coaster. This ride featured a 58MPH launch and a single loop.
    Wild Bull(1979-1998)
    A classic themed Bayern Curve ride. The lead car had a bull on it, removed for Top Gun's Helix.
    Whirling Dervish(1979-2000)
    A classic Wave Swinger ride, removed for no reason and replaced by a upcharge ride.(Now at PGA.)
    Kiddy Enterprise(1980-1986)
    An Intamin kiddy-sized enterprise, replaced by Balloons
    Elroy's Space Station(1980-2001)
    A kiddy skytower, the ride did not operate in 1994, and was removed in 2002. The sign for this ride remained until the end of the 2004 season. Also known as Scrappy-Doo's Skytower.
    Wally Gator's Tube Shoot(1980-2004)
    A mini-rapids raft ride minus rapids. This ride closed in 2001 and was removed in 2004. So it did not operate 2002-2004.
    Blackbeard's Revenge(1985-1999)
    A one of a kind dark ride that you sat that spins around like a haunted swing ride.
    Whitewater Falls(1988-2016)
    Whitewater Falls was a "Shoot The Chutes" style ride that made a BIG splash.
    GR8 SK8(1991-2013)
    On this ride, you must have two people per seat, Carowinds Staff will make sure you have two people per seat even if a staff member has to ride.
    Action Theater(1993-2012)
    Action F/X Theater opened in 1993 as "Days Of Thunder", it was the first ride under the Paramount's Carowinds name.
    Joe Cool's Driving School(1998-2012)
    This ride was originally known as Road Rally but some theming was added and the name was changed to TVLand Road Trip in 2005 following the Nick Central expansion in 2005.
    Nickelodeon™ Flying Super Saturator(2000-2008)
    The world's first interactive waterplay coaster featuring waterbombs for each rider, and waterguns for by-standers.