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    Ein Vergnügungspark-Klassiker, Der Wellenflug! Oops, wrong language....An amusement park classic, the Wave Swinger! However, I am going to stick with the German name Wellenflug; not because it is the name on the backdrop but because I actually like the way it sounds.0

    The base is surprisingly all one piece, photo 3 shows the gears that allow the inside column to run one direction while the decorative outer column spins in the opposite direction.

    Photo 4 shows the completed motor box, it contains two motors; one will control the vertical while the other motor spins the carousel. Both motors are connected from the motor box to the ride via a flexible driveshaft. The center photo shows parts that are used for the operator(ticket) booth and parts that are unused because they are for an older verison of the Wellenflug backdrop. The sixth photo shows the parts for the new backdrop, I will use the new backdrop as there is parts no longer included in the kit for the older backdrop. I really wish the required parts to build the old backdrop would have been included to give modelers a choice between the two since Faller included some of the parts for the older backdrop.

    Pictures 7 has the completed base minus the inner column while photo 8 shows the underside of the mechanics of the ride including the inner column that controls the vertical movement.

    At this point I attempted a test run of the ride and discovered that the ride would operate as intended, out of frustration I stopped working on the model and moved on to the Crazy Clown ride. A year later I was watching a Build It Series on YouTube about a Faller Power Tower ride model by YouTuber Hold Tight Riders; in the series he discovered that his Control Box for his Power Tower ride would allow the motor to run non-stop in a similar matter to my Wave Swinger. This inspired me to get my Wave Swinger out and see if I had done something wrong or if my Control Box could be the problem. The video shows how my Wave Swinger operates with what I suspect is a faulty Control Box.(Check back later this year for updates; written July 28th, 2017)

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