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    Hole In One Donut Shop
    A giant chocolate donut covered with bright pink frosting stands a top this shop, the Hole In One Donut Shop is a Walthers Cornerstone kit. I have done several Cornerstone line kits over the years and I enjoy the simplicity of them. So when my wife ran across this kit at the local hobby shop and wanted it, I asked her if she wanted to paint(any way she wanted) and assemble the model.

    All photos can be enlarged! She decided to start with the star of the model, the giant donut and it's supports. Inspired by "The Simpsons", the donut received a layer of flourscent pink paint was added to the donut and gold paint to the supports.

    Adding brightly colored sprinkles to the donut was easier for my wife than I thought it would be, the two orange pieces of paper are the guide I made for her to help her.

    Since the structure will be lighted, the inside of the walls were painted black to avoid the walls lighting up with the windows, the lightbulb of our choice for this kit is a Faller Grain of Wheat bulb mounted to the ceilling.

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