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  • The history of Carowinds
    Carowinds Timeline Sections:
    -Carowinds Corp.(1969-1974)- -Taft Broadcasting(1975-1983)- -Kings Entertainment Co.(1984-1992)- -Paramount Parks(1993-2006)- -Cedar Fair(2007-)-
  • 2007
    Frenzoid returns as Southern Star, becoming the first ride to return from the grave. Cedar Fair offically renames the park back to "Carowinds" to the thrill of all park fans. Outpost Cateen in Nick Central is replaced with Panda Express and Board Wok closes. Thunder Road Backwards closed for the rest on August 14th, Thunder Road Forewards was closed before for repairs.
  • 2008
    Paramount's Carowinds is no more, the park returns to just plain old Carowinds! Bondi Beach, a second larger wavepool is added to Boomerang Bay along with cabana services. Thunder Road Backwards' main turnaround is completely disassembled, scaring some into thinking the ride would be removed. Drop zone:Stunt Tower became Drop Zone, Top Gun was renamed Flight Deck, and BORG became known as Nighthawk.
  • 2009
    Carolina Cobra, a relocated Vekoma Boomerang replaces the Flying Super Saturator. Before the park opens, the Log Flume is removed from the park and rumors start going around as to what will replace it. The train ride is also rerouted for the 2010 attraction.
  • 2010
    The Intimidator becomes the tallest roller coaster in the southeast at 232 feet tall replacing the Log Flume. Nick Central becomes Planet Snoopy, most rides are given a new coat of paint and all get new names. Scooby-Doo's Haunted Mansion becomes Boo Blasters.
  • 2011
    Snoopy's Starlight Spectactular is added infront of Planet Snoopy.
  • 2012
    The highest ride in the park's history is added, Windseeker. Windseeker sends ride up a 301 feet tower while spinning them at 30 MPH.
  • 2013
    Carowinds adds Dinosaurs Alive, costing one million dollars and the park's third car ride. The attraction is mainly an educational attraction and costs visitors an extra $5 per person.
  • 2014
    Dorsal Fin Drop and Surfer's Swell are added to Boomerang Bay, Dorsal Fin Drop is a Proslide bowl tube slide while Surfer's Swell is another Proslide slide that drops riders and send the up a wall similar to a halfpipe. Also, Cedar Fair annouces a $50 million dollar expansion to the park, which includes a $30 million dollar coaster and upgrades to the park.

    Harmony Hall Marketplace replaces GR8 SK8(formally known as Airtime!) and causes shorten of Snoopy's Junction track layout. Harmony Hall features new food options, indoor seating and a stage. The Original Toll Plaza is replaced over the summer with a New Toll Plaza in preparation for the 2015 Giga coaster, along with more parking and a new North Gate. Sadly this also brings to demolition of the Plantation House maingate in October, the entire Courtyard of the Carolinas is demolished for a new entry plaza in 2015.
  • 2015 - Rebranded Carowinds
    2015 brings a new era to Carowinds, park general manager Mike Fehnel refers to this as "The New South" which effective turns Carowinds into "Cedar Point South"(my words). The rebranding is in attempt to increase park attendance from 1.9 million to 2.4 million and features the new 325 feet tall Fury 325 roller coaster and a new entry plaza. The old Carowinds & Carolina Railroad overpass is replaced with a new bridge to maintain fire truck access, the new bridge is 20 feet wider than the old 33 feet wide bridge. All structures from the former Courtyard of the Carolinas are demolished and replaced with new buildings, the Plantation House is replaced with a canopy structure. On May 23th of 215, Carowinds annouced that Thunder Road would close forever on July 26th and be demolished. Nearly 5,000 people signed a petition to save Thunder Road, complained to Guest Services, on the park's Social Media but Carowinds kept telling lies like "Ridership had fallen". Near the closure of Thunder Road, the park started selling Thunder Road gifts again including pieces of the soon to be removed the ride. Even after the ride was demolish and into the next season, Carowinds kept selling pieces of Thunder Road. For the first time Carowinds was trending several times on Facebook with people using the hashtag "#SaveThunderRoad".
  • 2016 - Carolina Harbor
    With the demolition of Thunder Road, Carowinds expanded Boomerang Bay Waterpark into Carolina Harbor Waterpark and added a gate to the parking lot. Plaza Gifts and Upgrade Services bulding are demolished at North Gate and replaced with a Starbucks. The Wipeout slides which had been renamed to Southern Sidewider are removed at the end of the season for the 2017 additions.
  • 2017 - New County Fair
    Carowinds annouces the relocation of the County Fair(in theme only, existing rides are NOT relocated, the new rides were all brought used from European amusement parks and include a Zierer Wave Swinger, Mondial Top Scan, Huss Breakdance and Mack Musik Express. The new rides are named The Zephyr(Wave Swinger), Electro-Spin(Mondial Top Scan), Do-si-do(Huss Breakdance) and Rock-n-Roller(Mack Musik Express) and the rides are positioned infront of the Carolina Cobra which has been renamed The Flying Cobras.