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  • Carowinds Attractions
    -Roller Coasters- -Thrill Rides- -Family Rides- -Kiddy Rides- -Waterpark Rides- -Defunct Rides-
    Carowinds is full of attractions that have additional charges, wonderful places to eat, games and gift shops to make even more memories. Oh and don't forget about the restrooms...good news is the park keeps them clean.
    Carowinds Attractions:
    Upcharge Attractions
    These attractions are not included in the park's admission fee, some are rides while the other are more like games..
    Who here loves to eat? I do, and my goal is to document and review all of the wonderful places to eat within the park.
    Lots of places to shop, Carowinds sells all kinds of interesting gifts.
    "Games of Skill"
    Step right up, try your hand at these interesting games. Some say they are rigged like the boardwalk games of old, others say they just require skill.
    Carowinds is home to the best theme park shows in the Carolinas.
    Defunct Attractionss
    Sadly, the list of attractions have been removed from the park, so they can no longer be enjoyed. However, Carowinds Zone will never forget these rides even if no one else remembers.